Intimate Expressions® Parties

If you are looking for a moment of fun and information, if you would like discovering how to enhance your horizons, our famous Intimate Expressions® parties by Absolutely Spicy are what you are searching for.

Intimate Expressions® parties (also called Romance Parties, Sex Toys Parties, Pleasure Parties, Fun Parties or Adult novelties) are a great opportunity to women, couples or co-ed groups to see and touch a large selection of our catalog’s products before buying them, in the comfort of an intimate place (your home or whatever location you choose). Don’t wait in line at the cashier, don’t be concerned by anybody else’s opinion, just make it your way and enjoy.

Hosting a romance party or attend to a romance party will bring you two or more hours of fun, chat and moments. As a different way to shop and be informed, Intimate Expressions® parties make everything funnier and more relax.

Our romance parties are really free to host. You don’t pay a dime. Our Hostess Reward Plan (you get FREE and Reduced Price Products) is the best. Check out Intimate Expressions® Reward Plan Page!

We also offer on-line or catalog romance parties. A great way to earn the hostess benefits without having an event.

Our Intimate Expressions® consultants are well-trained and possess a high knowledge of our products. They will provide you a professional presentation and will answer your and your guests questions around sexuality in general and about our range of products. You will learn how our products can enhance your romance and/or your sexual life. We adapt our presentation depending on the kind of people attending to the romance party : women only, couples, gay, straight...

Our consultants will be available to the group and in one-on-one discussion. This face-to-face chat is convenient for addressing personal concerns. This will also be an ideal way to submit your order in the most discreet mode.

Do it in your own way and get support from us. At any stage of the romance party, our Intimate Expressions® consultant will help you.

As an alternative, we can offer you free of charge on-line romance parties (you will connect thru the web to our private chat room) or catalog parties and you will get access to the same level of satisfaction.

You will be rewarded not only as any host/hostess benefiting from opening their houses to friends, but also as a customer. Let us prepare your party together, contact me!